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Some of our favourite garden birds


Everyone’s favourite garden bird. The gorgeous Robin. A plump bird with a bright orange-red breast (though the juvenile Robin is speckled brown!). 


Bearing the majestic red face mask, goldfinches bring a real ‘charm’ (the collective name for goldfinches), to our gardens.


Adaptable and easy-going, the Chaffinch is found in all over the UK. These charismatic birds even have regional accents!


 Despite its gregarious outer shell, don’t be fooled, this colourful creature is amongst the most timid of birds.

Blue Tit

Bright, blue and beautiful. Wise in character, the Blue Tits only shine brighter as they get older.


 These clever birds often sing after rain has fallen, signalling a new beginning and brighter, drier hours ahead.


A shy little bird, Dunnocks keep themselves to themselves, found mainly in the shadows and undergrowth.


Black at first glance, but speckled and laced with colour in reality. Their patterned feathers are almost ethereal in nature.


The humble wren is found on the smallest British coin, the farthing. Wrens make their presence known through their loud song and mischievous character.