Nokular Bird Blends

Rooted in science, Nokular blends are designed to provide the best for your birds. The current* Nokular bird blend contains a unique mix of sunflower hearts, dried mealworm, raisins, pinhead oats and chopped maize. The hand selected ingredients are optimised to provide high energy feed which is rich in healthy fats, essential fatty acids and protein, as well as high doses of vitamin E for your birds. 

* Our bird blends are season-specific. Each season we aim to vary the nutrition to accommodate the varying needs of your birds throughout the year. 

For a more detailed explanation of what’s in our latest Nokular Bird Nutrition, click here.

We like to source our ingredients locally, so we work with UK-based farms to supply us wherever possible. However, one of our main ingredients, dried mealworm, simply can’t be sourced in the UK so we get this from abroad.

Nokular blends aim to minimise mess. All of our sunflower hearts are de-husked so it can be eaten in its entirety, and the same goes for our mealworms, raisins, cut maize and pinhead oats. We use pinhead oats as they are the core, most nutritious part of the oat.

Nokular blends will attract a range of garden birds. The hand-selected ingredients aim to attract and maintain birds of all sizes. These include but are not limited to: robins, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, chaffinches, thrush, woodpeckers, collared doves, dunnocks, wrens, bullfinches, nuthatches and many more.*

You can discover these species and more on our British Garden Birds page.

*The ability to attract a variety of birds depends also on the season and your location. There's a lot you can change if your feeder isn't quite working and our team would be happy to give some pointers - just use the contact us page to get in touch.

If the feeder is newly placed, it may take a few days for your birds to realise that the blend is available and/or safe for them to eat. If you find that there are no birds after a few days, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to help find ways to attract birds to your feeder.

We believe that we can play our part in providing wild birds with the best nutrition all year round. Our subscription is either monthly or annually. Your Nokular blend will be delivered each month to your doorstep. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account.

Yes. We care a lot about the environment. 

We have designed our packaging to ensure that all of it is recyclable. That should mean everything you receive from us is either eaten by your birds or gets recycled.

Identifying birds

A variety of species can feed in your garden, including some you might not recognise. If you need help identifying birds you have seen, click here to read about common British garden birds or install the Nokular app and ask us on there.

Setting up and maintaining your bird feeder

We recommend placing a feeder in a place where wild birds feel safe from predators. Feeders close to natural shelter such as trees or shrubs offer resting places for birds between feeding bouts.

We recommend cleaning your feeder every two weeks with warm water and soap. This will prevent the build up of potentially harmful bacteria. We also advise not overfilling the feeder and replacing the feed if it is not consumed every few days.

Yes! We recommend placing a feeder either against a window, using a suction pad, or several metres away from the window. This is to minimise the chances of a bird hitting against a glass window and to ensure their wellbeing.

Nokular Community

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