Jigsaw Puzzles - 1000 piece

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Cottage Garden Rainbow is a vibrant and bright puzzle featuring a magical rainbow over the thatched cottage on a beautiful summer evening. The sky is a rose pink filling the scene with warm energy and casting the eye towards the garden which is bursting with life. 

Autumn Lane is a reproduction of an original painting by Gill Erskine-Hill, and shows a French country lane in the Dordogne in full and stunning autumn colours. The subtle colour shades in this painting make for a challenging puzzle experience as you gradually recreate this fine work of art in front of your own eyes. 

The Lighthouse is evocative and atmospheric featuring a white Lighthouse, that is keeping an eye on the sea in front of it. The beautiful pink colours of the sky are reflected in the sea and the crashing rocks surrounding the lighthouse. The seagulls are swooping by, enjoying the weather and looking daringly for their next meal! 

Autumn Village is a beautifully nostalgic scene. Full of old stone houses, thatched roofs and cobbled paths, this wonderful puzzle depicts the life of a farmer helping his cattle, a mother and child peering over in excitement and a local villager stepping out to say hello to their neighbours!

Cottage Garden Path celebrates the colours of Spring. At the front of this design is a range of flowers in full bloom, showing a vibrant range of colours. From the flowers, a path leads us to a charming garden cottage that is graced by a flock of beautiful birds parading through the skies.

Lock Keeper's Cottage is a stunning puzzle designed by Sarah Adams. Celebrated the serenity of life on the canal, this design includes a beautiful canal boat with the owner admiring the surrounding flowers and people passing by. There are even a few ducks keeping some of the locals entertained!

First Things First - The Camping Collection is an entertaining puzzle designed by Trai Hiscock. In the centre of this painting is a couple who are setting up their caravan and enjoying some time holidaying on the coast. They are greeted by a stunning view of the open sea and surrounding hilltops, with the added bonus of having a few sailing boats to watch over.

Village Wedding celebrates the joyous day of a wedding. There is plenty going on in this design, with the wedding taking centre stage. The backdrop is a quaint village, with local shopkeepers and children enjoying the parade. The setting is made even more special by the colour flowers along the walled gardens, with a curious bird and duck making an appearance too!

Finally, Tropical Paradise transports you to a peaceful and relaxing waterfall scene. A fishing boat bobs gently on the water, that is moving softly from the ripples caused by the cascading waterfalls in the distance. Birds hover near the fishing boat, hoping to catch any fish that has been attracted by the fishing line. This beautiful design is very relaxing to complete as a jigsaw puzzle.

Bring nature closer to home and spend the afternoon puzzling away!