Applaws Wet Cat Food - Mixed Flavours

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This mixed selection pack in broth contains a variety of tasty flavours for your cat with 100% natural ingredients. Please note that this pack is a complementary pet food and should be fed alongside a dry food for a complete and balanced diet. ​

Each serving is 70 grams and includes an equal mix of the following flavours:

- Tuna Fillet
- Chicken Breast
- Ocean Fish
- Chicken Breast with Cheese

Additional information about this selection pack

- 100% natural products, with no filler ingredient and nothing hidden
-Tuna fillet cans consist of 75% tuna fillet, only the highest quality ingredients in each serving
- Chicken breast is a natural source of omega-6;
- Fish (mackerel and tuna) is a natural source of Omega-3;
- These tins are a complementary pet food, feed with any dry food for a complete and balanced diet

As well as providing plenty of nutrients, these complementary foods also encourage your cat to keep hydrated during the day.

Check your cat always has plenty of fresh water to drink.

How much should I feed my cat per day?

This food can be served on it's own or added to your cat's dry food. Serve up to 3 tins daily (adjust serving size according to the weight of your cat).



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