Suet Balls - Insect Flavour

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Our premium suet balls are of the finest quality and are a perfect snack for your garden birds during the cold months. They are packed with energy, flavour and fat to keep your birds fed, plump and warm. We stock boxes of 50 & 150 suet balls, which are approximately 4.5kg & 12.75kg total weight respectively.

These suet balls also include insects which are packed with nutrients, providing a further boost to your feathered friends.

What birds could I attract if I feed them suet balls? 

These nutritious snacks should attract a variety of garden birds. They're a favourite of many small garden birds including robins, blue tits and great tits.

How should I feed these to the birds?

Our suet balls can be placed in a suet ball feeder or on a bird table. A traditional suet ball feeder can hold approximately 5 suet balls, so the large box should be enough to refill your feeder approximately 30 times... that should make plenty of birds happy!

Can you tell me a bit about your packaging?

The suet balls arrive in a cardboard outer box which is completely recyclable. While we would like our packaging to be plastic-free, unfortunately suet balls can make a bit of a mess because of their high fat content, so the box of suet balls will arrive with a plastic-liner inside to ensure there are no leaks.