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Our peanuts are of the finest grade, aflatoxin-tested and packed full of energy and essential oils! Peanuts are a fantastic source of nutrition for birds throughout the year.

A tasty no mess food, peanuts are adored by many garden birds, including the blue tit, great tit, nuthatch, wren, woodpecker and jay.

While these nuts are enjoyed by adult birds, they must be fed carefully during the breeding season. Nuts may be a choking hazard for chicks if given to them whole. To avoid the risk of this, we recommend feeding the nuts in a mesh feeder so that your garden birds can only take small pecks at a time.

Please note that our 6kg and 12.75kg sacks arrive in a heavy duty woven plastic sack, while our 20kg XL bags arrive in a 3-ply paper sack.

What weight of bird food should I go for?

Deliveries come in two sizes: 6kg and 12.75kg. Smaller in size, the 6kg sacks can be popped away in a kitchen or in a cupboard and are very conveniently sized. Our 12.75kg sacks are our best value and are ideal for customers who have a bit more space to store sacks such as a garden shed or a utility room.

A typical bird feeder holds around 400g of nuts. That means our 6kg sack will refill a feeder 15 times and our 12.75kg sack will refill a feeder 32 times. All you need to do is order a weight and frequency that suits your storage needs and the hungriness of your garden birds! You can change or stop your deliveries at a later date if your needs change too.

We know working out how much bird food you need can sometimes be a bit of guesswork. If you have any questions, just send an email to our team at - we are always on hand and happy to help.

Can you tell me a bit about your packaging?

All of our packaging is designed with your birds and their environment in mind. We always minimise waste and our materials are either all fully recyclable or completely reusable.

Our sacks are heavy duty woven plastic sacks. They are fully recyclable and reusable. We have designed our sacks with local artists and hope they remind you of the beauty and connection with nature.

Our sacks are tightly sealed to minimise any damage in transit.  We hope you love them.

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