Spring / Summer Bird Food Mix

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** Please note that due to supply issues, we have had to temporarily replace the hemp seed in our Spring / Summer mix with chopped maize. This mix is still packed with nutritious ingredients including sunflower hearts, mealworm and chopped peanuts! We expect our Spring / Summer mix ingredients to return to normal from w/c 23 May **
Our current bird food mix is for Spring and Summer. It contains plenty of protein and energy rich sunflower hearts, mealworm and chopped peanuts for birds to devour during the busy breeding season. Breeding season also takes place during the Spring and Summer months, so there are a lot of small chicks that need feeding. Our mix is chick-friendly, with plenty of small, soft seeds that are easy for them to eat.
We change our bird food mix throughout the year. It’s our job to carefully select only the most relevant ingredients for your birds for each season. Currently our Spring/Summer mix contains sunflower hearts, mealworm, pinhead oatmeal, red and white dari and a sprinkle of hemp seed. 

What weight of bird food should I go for?

Deliveries come in two sizes: 6kg and 12.75kg. Smaller in size, the 6kg sacks can be popped away in a kitchen or in a cupboard and are very conveniently sized. Our 12.75kg sacks are our best value and are ideal for customers who have a bit more space to store sacks such as a garden shed or a utility room.

A typical bird feeder holds around 400g of seed. That means our 6kg sack will refill a feeder 15 times and our 12.75kg sack will refill a feeder 32 times. All you need to do is order a weight and frequency that suits your storage needs and the hungriness of your garden birds! You can change or stop your deliveries at a later date if your needs change too.

We know working out how much bird food you need can sometimes be a bit of guesswork. If you have any questions, just send an email to our team at hello@nokular.com - we are always on hand and happy to help.

What could I see?

Your bird food is designed and curated to attract a wide variety and number of garden birds. Just like us humans, different birds like different types of foods. It’s on us to carefully select your ingredients and their proportions so you can sit back, watch the birds and relax.

There are so many characters to smile at. Blackbirds, Blue tits, Chaffinches, Dunnocks, Robins, Nuthatches, Long-tailed tits, Great tits, Goldfinches, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and so many more. (Have a little read about your garden visitors here.)

Can you tell me a bit about your packaging?

We don’t like to see the environment get damaged. It’s bad for us and bad for birds.

All of our packaging is designed with your birds and their environment in mind. We always minimise waste and our materials are either all fully recyclable or completely reusable.

Our sacks are made of jute, which is a strong, biodegradable and compostable material. We've made our sacks reusable by including a zipper on each. The zipper keeps your bird food fresher for longer and makes it perfect for storage once all of your seed is used up. We've used our jute sacks to store garden tools and have even filled one with compost to make a pretty DIY pot!

Our sacks are tightly sealed to minimise any damage in transit. 

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