Personalised Bird Food: Free Trial
Personalised Bird Food: Free Trial
Personalised Bird Food: Free Trial

Personalised Bird Food: Free Trial

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We think that Bird Food should be personalised to you, your birds and your garden. We work together with our team of suppliers, scientists and bird lovers to make this happen!

We've taken on board all the information you've given to us and our algorithm is busy working away in the background. To make sure that your blend is optimised for you and your birds, we think giving you a free trial pouch is the only way forward! Just pay £3.20 for postage and packaging. 

What will I receive? 

  • A personalised bag of bird food that has been created to meet your needs (we'll pop over an email to you explaining why your blend contains what it does)
  • 1kg of your personalised blend - enough to fill your feeder once a week for a month
  • Nokular community updates that explain more about what we stand for
  • Bird artwork to inspire you to explore new species!

All of our packaging is designed with your birds and their environment in mind. We
always minimise waste and our materials are either all fully recyclable or completely reusable.

Can I change my personalised blend after I receive the free trial? 

We work really hard to get things right first time. However, we know that life doesn't always work like that. 

Much of nature's beauty is in change and uncertainty! This does mean that sometimes our algorithms need tweaking every now and again. With this tester pouch, we wan't to ensure that our algorithm has worked for you before you join the Nokular nature curious community of Garden Bird Food lovers and get bird food delivered on a more regular basis. Our team will check in with you after a few days to see how the food has gone down with your feathered friends. If you have any feedback we're here to listen and learn! 


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