One Off (~2kg)

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This is the perfect product for customers who have 1-2 small feeders that they fill up when they can! It is best suited for those who love things to be neatly stored away, with little space taken up in the house. Our resealable pouches are convenient and easy to store.

This one off box contains just under 2kg of our Nokular blend.

Across the seasons we hand select your ingredients and the composition of the bird blend you receive in the pack may vary according to the seasonal requirements of your birds. Please click here for our current seasonal blend.

What's in the box?

  • Just under 2kg of Nokular's energy and nutrient rich blend - enough to fill your feeder 1-2 times per week for a month
  • Helpful hints for attracting birds to your garden
  • Nokular community updates to help you identify and explore new bird species

What does the Nokular blend contain? 

Rooted in science, our products aim to provide the best for your birds. The current* Nokular blend contains a unique mix of sunflower hearts, dried mealworm, raisins, pinhead oats and chopped maize. The hand selected ingredients are optimised to provide high energy feed which is rich in healthy fats, essential fatty acids and protein, as well as high doses of vitamin E for your birds. 

*The Nokular blend is season specific. Each season we aim to vary the nutrition to accommodate the varying needs of your birds throughout the year. 

For a more detailed explanation of what’s in our latest blend and how we curate our ingredients across the seasons, click here.

Is Nokular packaging recyclable? 


Nokular cares for your birds and their habitat. And that means, all of our products are 100% recyclable. 

Everything you receive from us is either eaten by your birds or gets recycled.